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What’s so Great About Almonds?

Summer is on its way! If you’re like many people, you’re trying to get back into your swimsuit body. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to indulge your snacking cravings. Bags of chips or pints of ice cream are tasty summer classics, but ...


White Rice vs. Brown Rice

Rice comes in many, many varieties, the most common in the States being the common white rice that you encounter at many local Seattle restaurants. You may have also heard about brown rice through some of the more nutritionally-minded people, who ...


Benefits of Spinach

When people think of exceptionally healthy foods, spinach is one of the first names that springs to mind. But if somebody were to ask you why, exactly, this classic green is a good part of any diet, would you know how to answer? Here is a list of ...


What’s in a Scallop?

Do you like scallops? This classic shellfish has a light, pleasing flavor that appeals to even diners who are not fond of the “fishier” tasting seafood dishes. If you yourself are not a big fan of fish, and you still want to benefit from the ...