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Bibimbap Korean Dish

Bibimbap: Korea’s Signature “Mixed Rice”

Looking for a good introduction to Korean food? You’ll find that any good Seattle Korean restaurant offers bibimbap, a simple rice-based dish that is perfect for the Korean food initiate. Bibimbap, which literally translates to “mixed rice”, is a simple but popular choice both in Korea and abroad, offering an apt introduction to the distinct taste of Korean food that even a particularly unadventurous diner can appreciate.

A bibimbap can come in many forms, though most such dishes will consist of a bowl of rice, mixed vegetables, and meat topped with chili pepper paste and sesame oil. When presented with this dish, the object is to stir this melange together such that you get a bit of everything in every bite. The blend of the grains, the vegetation, and the meat, coated evenly in Korea’s signature pepper paste offers a rich and savory taste sensation that should leave you full and satisfied!

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